We have one planet.
It's our only home.

With 8 billion people and a changing climate, we are in need of innovation to support a future where humans and nature thrive together.


Mission & Vision

We seek to advance informatics, women’s health and environmental stewardship activities to improve health and human well being. We aim:
  • To sponsor and support academic research and scholarship in the fields of healthcare informatics;
  • To advocate for and sponsor the development of patient centric and public health interoperability data standards;
  • To support academic research and scholarship into improving women’s health
  • To advance academic research and scholarship into environmental stewardship, resource efficiency and climate change technology
  • To directly and indirectly support educational institutions engaged in scientific research related to above


The Progress for Informatics & Energy (PIE) Foundation supports organizations that align with the Foundation's mission and vision. Here are some organizations that we have provided recent support for:

Reboot Rx

Speak for the Trees Boston
Society for Participatory Medicine

The PIE Foundation may offer future grants for work, research and academic activities related to its goals and mission. Currently there are no open grant opportunities but we encourage you to check back in the future or contact us.

Team & Board of Directors


The Progress for Informatics & Energy Foundation Inc, is a Private Foundation within the meaning of Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code in the United States, incorporated in the state of Massachusetts.

If you wish to contact the foundation, please reach out using "johnd" (at) "moreinformatics.com" (replacing @ symbol and removing quotations)